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Cheap Evangelism –

HT: Philip Alexander of Solid Reasons I recently visited a pastor friend of mine in the suburbs of Chicago. First, I must say that I am amazed at how incredibly large Metro-Chicago feels compared...

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Ministry in Colorado

Back in Colorado with a team of Faithful Soldiers. Enjoying a beautiful day and speaking up for the pre born with some AHA brethren.

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In Focus: When Lower Magistrates Go Rogue

It was ten years ago, this month, that a group of Christians blocked a hallway of the San Francisco City Hall. Why? To prevent homosexuals from getting certificates of marriage, which were being issued...

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Faithful Soldier Summer Camp 2013

Defending the Faith! Learning How to Reason! Fun and Fellowship! DATES: August 26th-29th LOCATION: Riverside Bible Camp in Amherst, Wisconsin COST: $95 per person (covers travel to and from Milwaukee, lodging, and meals) AGES:...

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The Power of Music Pt. 2

The second half of a sermon preached by Jason Storms at Mercy Seat. Focuses in on the exploitation of young people by the music industry as they danlge the candy of highly sensual music...

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The Power of Music Pt.1

Part 1 of a sermon that was preached at Mercy Seat Church by Jason Storms. Addresses the incredible power of music, along with a short history of Western music. Exposes the mass marketing of...

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A Response to Richard Dawkins Part 2

This sermon, by young Evangelist Jason Storms, is the second of a two-part series responding to prominent atheist Richard Dawkins’ best-selling book, “The God Delusion”. Rebutting several of the main arguments set forth by...

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A Response to Richard Dawkins Part 1

This sermon, preached by young Evangelist Jason Storms, is the first of a two part series dealing with prominent atheist Richard Dawkins’ best selling book “The God Delusion”. The first sermon is addressed to...