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Do Hard Things 0

Do Hard Things – A Review

American teenagers are so beset with low expectations and negative stereotypes that adolescence has come to be viewed as a second childhood rather than as a bridge to adulthood. In the book Do Hard Things: A...

A Lack of Biblical Manhood 0

In Focus: A Lack of Biblical Manhood

Manhood is at a low point in America today. From the thug culture to the porn culture, from the perpetual adolescent to the absent father—men are failing. Feminism has eroded male responsibility and chivalry,...

Horus and Jesus 1

Is Christianity plagiarized paganism?

There is no doubt that many of our modern religious customs, like Easter and church steeples, were heavily influenced by pagan traditions. It should not come as a surprise that the practice of Christianity...

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Faithful Soldier Summer Camp 2014

Powerful Biblical Teaching! Defending the Faith! Learning How to Reason! Fun and Fellowship! DATES: August 25th-28th LOCATION: Riverside Bible Camp in Amherst, Wisconsin COST: $95 per person (covers travel to and from Milwaukee, lodging,...

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Cheap Evangelism –

HT: Philip Alexander of Solid Reasons I recently visited a pastor friend of mine in the suburbs of Chicago. First, I must say that I am amazed at how incredibly large Metro-Chicago feels compared...

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Ministry in Colorado

Back in Colorado with a team of Faithful Soldiers. Enjoying a beautiful day and speaking up for the pre born with some AHA brethren.