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The Power of Music Pt. 2

The second half of a sermon preached by Jason Storms at Mercy Seat. Focuses in on the exploitation of young people by the music industry as they danlge the candy of highly sensual music...

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The Power of Music Pt.1

Part 1 of a sermon that was preached at Mercy Seat Church by Jason Storms. Addresses the incredible power of music, along with a short history of Western music. Exposes the mass marketing of...

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A Response to Richard Dawkins Part 2

This sermon, by young Evangelist Jason Storms, is the second of a two-part series responding to prominent atheist Richard Dawkins’ best-selling book, “The God Delusion”. Rebutting several of the main arguments set forth by...

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A Response to Richard Dawkins Part 1

This sermon, preached by young Evangelist Jason Storms, is the first of a two part series dealing with prominent atheist Richard Dawkins’ best selling book “The God Delusion”. The first sermon is addressed to...

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Sexual Purity

Evangelist Jason Storms lays out the biblical precepts governing sexual behavior along with the strong warnings against sexual immorality. The second half of the sermon describes the wisdom of God’s plan for family and...

The Discipline of Men 0

The Discipline of Men

This is a timely sermon for a lack-luster culture. The greatest strength of an army is its discipline – with application made to the Lord’s army.