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Colin Gunn Interviews Jason Storms Film producer Colin Gunn interviews Jason Storms and the two discuss the pro-life movement, evangelism methods, and youth education.

A Lack of Biblical Manhood 0

In Focus: A Lack of Biblical Manhood Manhood is at a low point in America today. From the thug culture to the porn culture, from the perpetual adolescent to the absent father—men are failing. Feminism has eroded male responsibility and...

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In Focus: When Lower Magistrates Go Rogue

It was ten years ago, this month, that a group of Christians blocked a hallway of the San Francisco City Hall. Why? To prevent homosexuals from getting certificates of marriage, which were being issued...


Preaching at UW LaCrosse – Part 2

Part 2 of a day of ministry with Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism at UW La Crosse. Captures a few minutes of an open-air exchange. Shows how such preaching, while confrontational, can be civil,...


Preaching at UW LaCrosse – Part 1

Fall 2008 Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism visited UW LaCrosse, to preach the gospel and to speak against the horrors of abortion. Jason Storms, the director of the school, is seen here in dialogue...


Campus Preaching Atheist versus Christian Worldview

In this short sample of open air campus preaching the contrast between atheism’s logical conclusions and that of Biblical Christianity are briefly discussed. Many college students are taught, in lop-sided fashion, all the evil...