Practical points on Open-Air Preaching and Witnessing

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  1. Prove gravity exists. Show me a pound or two. Through a stone into the air and I will show you the affects of gravity exists, but not gravity itself. Job knew it because God said he hangs the earth on Nothing!

  2. Lynn Litton says:

    I am considering starting a ministry/school of evangelism. Do yo have any suggestions for me. I am 60 years old and have done missionary work in Australia (12 years). I am thinking of something one on one, not food, or street missions (helping the poor) but something to win the common man. I live in Northern Michigan near Traverse City and my brother who lives in Phoenix is also partnering with me. He too is a pastor and missionary. We have a calling to reach the lost and we are leaning towards the idea of home groups. Any thoughts?

  3. SLIMJIM says:

    If it’s okay with you, I linked this three part series on my blog. It’s over at I hope the LORD will keep on blessing your ministry, and your family.

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