What is your Theology?

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3 Responses

  1. Randy Crawford says:

    The true sincere altruistic Christians (and people of other religions too) accomplish far more for the good of themselves and the world than those who refuse to try to do good, under any of theirpretexts. The former group types are on the right path headed in the right direction, and the latter are backward selfish jerks on the wrong path headed in the wrong direction no matter how advanced their technology and tactics may be. At the same time, sincere religious people carrying along historically established doctrines that were leading-edge thousands of years ago, but are now obsolete, is like insisting that everything has to be calculated in modern times in Roman numerals simply because that’s how things were done when the Bible was being written. Times, change, and all changes are not negative. Video equipment, for instance, wasn’t around in the time of Jesus and couldn’t be recommended out of the Bible, but that’s not a reason to avoid using it to do good. Adhering to doing too much the old way (because it’s familiar and comfortable and reassuring) and refusing to look at freeing oneself from the burdens of non-productive time-wasting (because anything new can be challenging and scary) simply slows down the work of the good guys and in comparison lets the Obamanoid types have a less-impeded advantage in the eternal struggle between good and evil.

  2. Kevin Ross says:

    Values and principles are timeless. Means and methods change with time & technology.

    The question of what is good and evil, and what is worthy of spending your life and your time calls on us to adopt the long view. We ask, what will survive the coming transmogrification of the cosmos? The only things are those things done in the name of Christ and for his kingdom.

    Grace & Peace

  3. james johnson says:

    it comforting to know–that Gods kingdom is alive and well and not lost in the secular,religious lovers of the world! Your sermons speak truth,though out my whole and short life, i knew of God, but nothing about Him,and now rest assured,Gods words are the way the truth and the light,and this country”s motto “In God we trust” is not the god I know and trust……..Thank you ever learning, ever faithfull diciple James

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