Turn off your TV at Halftime and Instruct your Children in the Art of Seduction


With millions of adoring fans, Lady Gaga is one of the most commercially successful female artists in our nation’s history. She has frequently stirred controversy for her erotic and often bizarre attire and performances, particularly since her music is heavily marketed to “tweens” 10-14 years old.

With such a reputation, I was honestly a little surprised when I began seeing commercials promoting the pop superstar during professional football games earlier this year, even bringing her into the studio with game analysts. Was I being a little too judgemental? Perhaps, in addition to her ability to propagate sexual lunacy to 12-year-olds, Gaga possesses keen insights into the game of football? Well, that turned out not to be the case. “Gag-me”, as she is commonly referred to in our home, is a one pony act; seduction, licentiousness, and naughty sex are the track her album seems to be stuck on, however unfitting and awkward such things may be for the football commentators forced to endure her promo slots on game days.

Then, it was announced she is doing the Super Bowl (though, as far as we can tell, not in the usual Gaga sort of way of “doing” something) Apparently, in the eyes of certain entertainment executives, a new generation must be exposed to the inspirational performances and virtuous displays of this artistic genius. It is understandable why impressionable children victimized by aggressive marketing campaigns from the brightest minds in media technology, production, and distribution, might take a fancy to Gag-me. But this doesn’t explain why mature adults would make the decision to bring her in as the top performer during the Super Bowl, the highest viewed sporting event in the nation. (Hmmm…perhaps referring to the network executives overseeing the Super Bowl as “mature adults” is an overassessment of their moral and intellectual probity.)

Gaga and her fans are fond of blaming “narrow” and “repressive” conservative Christians for much of the dysfunction of modern youth. Perhaps, it is those who have given license to what was once unthinkable, who have removed all barriers from the edge of the cliff and who are exhorting our impressionable youth to charge headlong over it, that are more to blame for the depression, the suicides and the brokenness that pervades our land than are the conservative voices calling for caution.

Millions of young people take their cues from Gaga’s descriptions of love and romance – from her talk of being abused by steel studs, to the joys of seducing a married man and breaking apart families, to the continued fallacy that homosexual behavior is somehow something one is born with and therefore should indulgently plunge “over the edge” in the pursuit of. Yes, this is what children need to hear, just follow your feelings. That’s how strong societies have been built, by empowering the childish and animalistic instincts of our youth, unbridling them from parental and moral authority!

Yet, we need to remember that neither Gaga nor the entertainment executives are the ultimate culprits here. Parents who have abdicated their role as moral and spiritual guide to their children have allowed leeches like Gaga to enrich themselves by preying upon the natural weaknesses of our children. The entertainment industry has this diabolical scheme down to a science and Gaga is another useful pawn in that scheme. We as parents have empowered her, and the entertainment industry as a whole, and its high time we shut the door. I for one am speaking up, I hope you will too. If her show goes on, my family will be turning the TV off at halftime, if we even decide to turn it on in the first place.


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