Mission Statement

In America today it is estimated that over 85% of teenagers who are raised in conservative Christian homes will depart from the faith within a year of leaving home!

There is a war going on and our youth are not being adequately trained to do battle, much less be victorious. We are watching western civilization and its Christian foundations self-destruct. Too many of those who name the name of Christ seem to be content playing games and pursuing wealth, pleasure and comfort rather than the work of God’s Kingdom.

There is a great need to train and equip Christians to truly walk with Christ and communicate the transforming Gospel message effectively to our postmodern, secular culture.

What we do:

1)      Biblical discipleship: developing firm and godly character, with emphasis on the devoted prayer life inward consecration, and close communion with Christ. As well as understanding the essential doctrines of the faith.

2)      Academic training: developing a rationally consistent worldview, critical thinking abilities and the tools and understanding to respond to the challenges of philosophy, science, and liberal theology with intellectual strength and argument (see Paul in Acts 17,18,19).

3)      Evangelism and outreach: if we expect our beliefs to be meaningful to our youth then the church must get out of the comfort zone, get out of the church building and put feet to our faith. “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”.

Our aim is to blend these three areas together with the real life ministry experience that is often neglected in traditional four year bible colleges. We believe this is the model that turned the world upside down in the first centuries of the Church’s existence; and we believe this is the model that will turn the world upside down in the 21st century. Equipping young people to step out into a hostile world, not simply to survive, but to conquer! To be faithful soldiers of Christ!