Program Info

We offer a four and a half month intensive training program. Upon completion the student will receive a completion certificate. Our program is non-accredited. Being a committed follower of Jesus Christ and having a heart and mind to learn are our only prerequisites. To look at an application click here.


2013 Program :  August 12th – December 15th


Tuition: $1,050
Tuition pays for: housing, ministry transportation and travel, ministry materials, and academic materials; to be paid in advance for accepted applicants.

Recommended Personal Spending: $1,000-$2,000
Recommended Personal Expenses for food, clothes, recreation, and extra spending cash for misc. stuff. This figure will vary from person to person. Students will also work one day a week throughout most of the semester as a means of supplemental income for themselves and also as a means of building their character and work ethic.

Scholarships and flexible payment options are available. We do not want lack of finances to prevent anyone from participating! Part time involvement is also an option.

We encourage the students to raise support for themselves as they will be in full-time ministry in addition to their studies. We offer help in this if needed.


We are located in the Milwaukee, WI area. Trips to various regions of the country are a part of the program.

Regulations and Restrictions

We ask that full time students be at least 15 years old. Part-time participants are welcome of all ages. Married and single, old and young are welcome. We have strict guidelines in place to maintain purity and avoid appearances of evil.  Zero tolerance for immorality and foolishness.

“Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism” functions as a ministry of Mercy Seat Christian Church and is fully submitted to the authority of this established religious body. The School is non-denominational and is open to all Christian people who have repented and put faith in Christ alone for salvation.

Print and fill out an Application and mail it to:

Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism c/o Mercy Seat Christian Church 10240 W. National Ave. Suite 129 Milwaukee, WI 53227

Please Email us if you have any further questions.