About Us

Faithful Soldier is a short term evangelism and discipleship training school. Our four month program equips believers to effectively communicate the gospel, stand for righteousness and make disciples. Please take your time as you review the website.[read Mission Statement]

Jason Storms

Jason was born in upstate New York. As a teenager he denounced Christ after having unanswered questions about Christianity and feeling the lustful pull of the flesh. After spending 5 years spiraling downward in selfish pursuits and moving to various parts of the country he left San Jose, CA drug addicted and homeless. Moving with his Christian father in New Orleans he returned like the Prodigal Son at age 19 to His Lord and Savior.

Jason has been in full-time ministry for 12 years, engaging in street and campus evangelism and open air preaching across the nation. He has also worked in pastoral roles in Southern California and now in Milwaukee, WI, where he is on staff at Mercy Seat Christian Church.

In 2002 he married Sara Trewhella. The two have five beautiful children and reside in the Milwaukee, WI area.

In 2005 He and Sara started Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism to train young people to preach the gospel and make disciples.

Sara Storms

Sarah StormsSara, the daughter of Pastor and pro-life activist Matt Trewhella, became serious about her faith as a teenager after exposure to campus evangelism. She married Jason in 2002 and became actively involved in full-time evangelistic work that brought her across the country. Sara was home-schooled and is a homeschooling mother of 5 today.

Despite her life-long involvement in pro-life work she saw a great void in the homeschooling movement regarding missions and evangelism. Her passion has been to see young Christians, especially home-schoolers, stirred with zeal for the things of God and to make their lives useful for His Kingdom.

Pastor Matt Trewhella

Pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church (founded in 1989) in the Milwaukee, WI area and founder of Missionaries to the Preborn.  Pastor Trewhella has been a passionate leader and laborer within the body of Christ since his conversion at age 17 in the inner city of Detroit. His integrity and innovative leadership within the pro-life movement have inspired a generation to “love their neighbor as themselves”.

Though much maligned in the liberal media for his effective pro-life work, Pastor Trewhella’s reputation as a man of principle and great courage shine brightly to a generation so desperately in need of godly leadership. He and his wife Clara live in the Milwaukee, WI area. They have eleven children.

Kevin Ross

Kevin RossKevin served as a submarine officer in the Navy conducting a wide variety of jobs from  nuclear reactor operations and strategic submarine operations to nuclear emergency planning and disaster management. After twenty years in the submarine force he began working on a Ph.D. in Nuclear physics doing research at the national lab at Dill-D in San Diego, Ca.  At this time Kevin (already a Christian) heard God’s voice challenging him to step away from his educational pursuits and focus on evangelism and disciple-making.

His extensive education stretches from physics (Auburn University) and nuclear engineering physics. (UW-Madison)  to training in electronics and nuclear reactor operations. (US Navy)  to most recently Christian apologetics (Biola University).

Last year he was invited to join Faithful Soldier’s ministry team. Kevin provides intellectually rigorous teaching coupled with a passionate heart for Christ and His Kingdom.

Kevin and his wife Ruth have 4 children and two grandchildren.  They live in the Milwaukee, WI area.