Ministry Activities of the School of Evangelism

Where so much of Christianity is missing the mark is in the application of our faith. We acquire great knowledge and learning, simply to share it with other Christians in a comfortable church setting. Jesus commanded us to “GO INTO THE WORLD”. We are called to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth, that light and that salt is to penetrate all areas of society. This requires us not hiding that light and restricting that salt behind the four walls of the church building, but rather going out into the public arena and confronting a lost and fallen world with the truth of the Gospel.

We have found that our students grow like wild-fire when in the atmosphere of hands on, real world ministry, out of their comfort zones, applying the knowledge and education they receive in the classroom or in the sanctuary.

Here is a brief look at the activity structure of our school:

Monday is an all-day formal class day with teaching, lecturing and group discussion. For more details view our curriculum.

Tuesday and Wednesday are ministry days wherein the student body functions as a ministry team visiting College and High School campuses, engaging their peers. We set up in a public area on campus and engage in open air preaching, music, sign display, tract and literature distribution as well as one on one and group discussion.

When we go to the campuses there is always great debate and discussion. Lots of people are interested in the subjects we bring to the table. We find that a sincere and humble, yet bold and well reasoned approach is very persuasive and allows the Holy Spirit to minister mightily through us. We have had the privilege of seeing many lives touched and transformed by our activities on the campuses.

Thursday is a discipleship day. The men and women split up and the staff spends the day ministering to the students. This is a powerful time of growth, encouragement, correction and instruction.

Friday and Saturday are rotating work and ministry days. For students who need financial help and/or skill and work ethic training one or both days can be used for such purposes. For more details see our Entrepreneurial training program.

There is also optional local ministry for students these two days. We try to involve the students in as wide a variety of activities as possible; from going to the local abortion clinic to share a message of hope and offer alternatives to the women going in, to ministering at rescue missions and women’s shelters, to walking the streets in high-crime inner city neighborhoods, witnessing, praying with people, and giving out tracts and Bibles. During cold weather we do a lot of one-on-one witnessing in malls, shopping centers and other places where people gather in large numbers. This is very effective in teaching the students how to witness “naturally” while shopping or going about their normal routine.

Sunday is a day of fellowship, worship and rest. Students are required to participate in a local church and to have time of spiritual rest.

Nationwide Travel

We incorporate into the schedule several trips around the country for ministry purposes. Generally there are three one or two week trips during the course of the semester. View our calendar to see which trips the school will be taking during the semester.